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The ExchangeCoin (EXCC) is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency that’s been on the market since 2017. It is one of the rare cryptocurrencies that reflects the features of real products, similar to the traditional stock exchange.

Through the years, It also offered a highly reliable assurance; it cannot be dissolved or closed down unannounced like some scam cryptocurrency projects have over the years. Those qualities helped the project survive in the rough economy. But it started small.

How It All Began…

Our currency was created to further the development of a user-centric…

The Adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria.


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gained popularity when the price of Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, increased from $900 in Jan. 2017 to $19,800 by the end of that year. Bitcoin gained more interest around the world and spark up discussions about the future of payment as a digital currency, and Nigeria, being the largest economy and most populated country in Africa, joined the discussion. Bitcoin gained the interest of Nigerians as an easy way to solve payment difficulties.

Bitcoin has acted as a sharp tool for the development of many countries…

Ethereum hits new All-Time High for the third time as Crypto’s Total Market Cap reach $1.13 Trillion

The price of Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, hits another all-time high for the third time this year. Ethereum, after hitting two highs in January, hits an ATH during the early trading hours of today.

The price of Ethereum created two highs back in January, but it failed to hold at the highs before it plunged as other cryptos pullback. The two highs that were created back in January are $1,440 and $1,476 according to the data received from TradingView. Price lost momentum when…

XRP Price gains more than 100% as members of a Reddit-based investing group shifted their focus from Dogecoin:

The price of XRP surges over the weekend as it gets attention from the Reddit-based investing group.

The price of the fourth-ranked cryptocurrency by market cap skyrockets during the weekend with a strong breakout on Jan. 30 as it became the new focus in the Wallstreetbets cryptocurrency-focused off-shoot Satoshistreetbets.

Data from TradingView shows that the price of XRP rose from $0.283 to a peak of $0.60. The price of XRP was trading at $0.283 on Friday and it is currently trading at…

Bitcoin could fall back to $25,000 as the US Dollar bounces. Ethereum price got rejected at ATH for the second time.

Bitcoin could fall back to $25,000 as the US Dollar bounces. Ethereum price got rejected at ATH for the second time.

The price of Bitcoin has been enjoying a smooth ride to the moon as the value of the US Dollar crashes but has suffered over 30% since it created its $42,000 ATH. The US Dollar has been suffering ever since the outbreak of the Corona Virus in 2020. …

Coinbae security audits aims to mitigate security risks with high quality yet affordable smart contract audits.

Coinbae security audits.

2020 and what it means for crypto

With the rise of decentralized financial infrastructure (DeFi) and billions being poured into the industry during 2020, so too has there been a rise in attacks on the smart contracts that they rely on. Hackers look for errors, flash loan attackers exploit flaws and even more unsettling; the infamous rug pull. Anonymous teams exploiting eager investors that don't want to miss out on the hype and opportunity intentionally create backdoors in their contract through which they can syphon the invest coins. …

Poor data integrity when it comes to how cryptocurrency trading platforms report digital asset trading volumes, can have catastrophic consequences.

In May 2019, BitStamp single-handedly caused a major, albeit brief cryptocurrency market crash, by publishing inaccurate trading data.

The cause of the May crash was a sell order on the BitStamp order book that was triggered, despite this sell order being for a much lower BTC price than that listed on BitStamp and other exchanges at the time. As a result, thousands of traders made major losses, as their own buy and sell orders were triggered.

Are you an aspiring…


CoinBae is a global cryptocurrency market data provider, giving traders across all markets access to reliable and real time data.

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